1-800 Flowers Fails

While it may be convenient and easy, it's no surprise that ordering flowers from 1-800 Flowers often results in something significantly different than what you paid for.  Not only that, but many people have also complained that the flowers they paid for never even arrived.

Check out these 1-800 Flowers fails:

1.  Ordered:  bouquet of flowers... Received:  empty box.

2.  This is just sad.

3. Looks nothing alike, zero resemblance.

4. She ordered a HUGE vase of flowers and only gets 6 roses....

And this is why you should place your orders directly with a local florist.  See an example of a real product catalog here. Even better, order from an independent florist that uses real product photos of things they have actually made instead of ordering from florists that utilize the wire service catalogs from Teleflora, FTD and 1-800 Flowers. 

Arielle Rose